How to notify Google, Yahoo and MSN about your new sitemap.xml?

The other day I needed to build a script that will notify Google, Yahoo(seemingly those 2 will soon become 1) and MSN. With Google you surely can do it manually using their Webmaster Tools, but that’s no use to your server-side script. Short research brought up the sort-of ‘sitemap pinging’ service they have, so basically to notify Google about your new and shiny sitemap you just need to send request(basically open up) this URL:

Where, obviously, is url of your site, and sitemap.xml is the filename of your sitemap(you can also use Gzipped sitemap). If you don’t know how to do this, read up about cURL

Yahoo! has similar service:

The thing I like about Yahoo though is their API… I wonder why the heck Google has closed theirs, it was such a nifty thing…

MSN is screwy as usual:

I don’t think other folks(like play any important role, but just in case the following list of ping urls for sitemap.xml submission should be handy if you’re scripting something like sitemap generating module:

If you know ping urls for other search engines and willing to share, I’d be vastly grateful :)