Choosing Credit Card Fraud Detection Service: MaxMind® vs. FraudLabs™

Credit Card fraud detection service may seem like an unnecessary thing, but if you’re running(or building) an ecommerce site that may potentially have a lot of transactions it’s something that you may want to look into as a measure of minimizing your chargebacks and your processing fees as well.

There are bunch of companies that provide credit card fraud detection service, two of them I came across while searching for such service for our latest project. MaxMind and FraudLabs

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Find and Replace Across Multiple Files

Need to replace broken links across 1000 html files?

If you’re using linux/unix/macosx it’s just fire up the terminal and use this:

find -iname "*.htm" -exec sed -i 's/search/replace/' {} \;

search – is regex(or a string in the simplest form) what you’re looking for

replace – is what you’re replacing your string with

If you’re on Windows, well then it’s a bit more complicated. There is a nice tool – TextCrawler, it’s free and does the trick.

svn rollback

Sometimes I just wonder why there is no svn rollback… Well, this one should do it:

svn merge -rHEAD:NNNN rep-url working-copy

  • working-copy – path to your working copy.
  • rep-url – URL or path to your repository
  • NNNN – revision you want to rollback to

For instance this command below will merge rev. 2348 into your working copy:

svn merge -rHEAD:2348 svn+ssh:// /home/yourname/project/yourproject

Don’t forget to commit after all conflicts are resolved.