TypePad to WordPress MU: Moving content with Technorati links, images, video and all that good stuff.

Getting content out of TypePad ain’t fun at fall. Getting content with images, technorati tags, videos is even more painful.

With default TypePad ‘export’ feature you’ll just get partial content(some limited number of posts AFAIR), no technorati tags, no images. Youtube videos are going to be there since that stuff is just an html that embed remote flash video player. So to make my life a bit easier I came up with few simple tricks/scripts of how to get everything out of TypePad and process it to import into WordPress with no pain.

Here is how it goes:

Install WP Tags to technorati plugin for WordPress(MU)

This one is easy – just install and active the plugin… Well and update your theme to show Technorati tags :)

Export content with images out of TypePad.

This one is a bit trickier. In order to export all of the content out of TypePad you’ll need to create a set of export templates and then run a script that uses them to get all the content out of TypePad. Confused? Don’t be – it’s easy. Here is how you do it:

  • Look up how many posts you have(Typepad doesn’t allow export of more then 100 posts with one request…:( . For instance say your have 935 posts.
  • For each set of a 100 posts you’ll need to upload a new export template. Here is how you do it:
    1. In your TypePad admin go to Design->Current Design.

    2. Click Create new index template

    3. On the next page fill in:

    • Template Name -> export1
    • Output File -> export1.txt
    • Put contents of this file into the Template Body

    4. That file is an export template for the first 100 posts. It includes exporting from TypePad with proper permalinks and technorati tags.

    5. Now you need to create export template for the next 100 posts. Same way, except put export2 in Template Name, export2.txt in Output File, and use this other file as a Template Body.
    For each hundred posts you have you need to create export templates the same way(Outpu files should go from 1 to N, where N is number of hundreds of posts that you have). Each template body will be slightly different. The difference is in the first line. Open up export-2.txt and on the first line you’ll see this:

    <MTEntries lastn="100" offset="100">

    Change offset=”100″ to offset=”200″ for your third template(export3.txt), 200 to 300 for the forth template(export4.txt) and so on.

  • Ok, now you’re ready to run a script that will extract all the content(without images for now, but that’s coming up too).
    Here is the code:

    STAMP=$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H%M)
    touch $OUTPUTFILE
    for ((i=1;i<=POSTHUNDREDS;i+=1)); do
    wget "http://www.YOURBLOG.com/export$i.txt"
    cat "export$i.txt" >> $OUTPUTFILE
    rm "export$i.txt"

    Replace POSTHUNDREDS=9 with however many hundreds of posts you have, and replace YOURBLOG with your actual blog URL. Well, and run it :) (script works on Linux. Mac folks probably should replace wget with fetch.)
    After sometime you’ll get typepadexport-something-something.txt. Take a look at it, make sure you have everything(all posts) in there.

Exporting all images out of TypePad is pretty easy now. I have few scripts that will automatically do this and will share them in the blog post…

One thought on “TypePad to WordPress MU: Moving content with Technorati links, images, video and all that good stuff.

  1. Hi there…I’m trying not to hold my breath as to when you’ll be sharing the scripts to grab images out of TypePad automaticailly ‘in the blog post.’ But it’s hard. I’ve been searching through this blog for any additional information but I’m guessing it’s coming… Any idea when? :)

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