TypePad to WordPress MU: Moving content with Technorati links, images, video and all that good stuff.

Getting content out of TypePad ain’t fun at fall. Getting content with images, technorati tags, videos is even more painful.

With default TypePad ‘export’ feature you’ll just get partial content(some limited number of posts AFAIR), no technorati tags, no images. Youtube videos are going to be there since that stuff is just an html that embed remote flash video player. So to make my life a bit easier I came up with few simple tricks/scripts of how to get everything out of TypePad and process it to import into WordPress with no pain.

Here is how it goes:

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Moving TypePad blogs to WordPress MU: TypeLists

TypePad suck, no two ways about it. Why, in your right mind, would you want to use something so limited in functionality on the platform that you have no control over, when there are tons of open source solutions that are way better…

Strangely enough, TypePad being the way it is, made a lot of people wanting to switch to things like WordPress(well at least from what I hear :) . Moving a blog onto WordPress with 0-broken links, no missing images, while keeping all embedded things, such as YouTube videos and Technorati Tags fully functional with 0-downtime ain’t a simple task. Small blogs may not really care about everything I’ve mentioned, but some serious blogs out there however need all that done, done fast and done right the first time.

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